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Bisun smart charger and battery packs

The new Blue2 intelligent charger is a twin-connection version of the previous standard Blue. It has two charging outputs, and if two packs are connected, it will first charge the first-connected pack, and then switch to charging the second pack. Each channel has its own clear charge indicator. Ideal for setting running in an evening to charge two packs overnight.

Input is 9V@700mA, or 12V@500mA, via a 2.5mm power plug.
The charger is protected against reverse voltage input and reversed or short-circuited output.
Output is via full-size Tamiya connectors.

The charger can be supplied with a suitable mains adaptor, or without one for people who already own something suitable.

NiMH Battery packs are also available, with connectors compatible with complete Bisun lighting units.

Charger (no mains power supply)


Charger (with mains power supply)


3-cell 3900mAh battery packs