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Bright spot beams for Duos. Dive and Photo lighting.

New: the Pharos compact and very bright LED flood lights for photography

The Pharos T850
Simple in operation, the T850 has switch-selectable flood or spot beams for different lighting requirements, with the light output on each beam being approximately 850 lumens.
The T850 has been designed to be ultra-compact, with the light unit being 50x50x25mm.
An external battery pack design has been chosen to allow for a fully sealed case.
As a rough guide to quantity of light, ignoring the direction of emitted light, the total light output of a a flashbulb like an AG3 or PF1 is around 7500 lumen-seconds, which a T850 could produce in around 9 seconds.
Due to the need for longer exposures, LED lights are not direct flashgun replacements, and tripod mounting a camera is normally required for blur-free photographs.

The open battery holders are designed to be durable, can be dried out easily after wet usage, and are cheap to replace.
Each unit comes with two battery holders as standard. With these holders, it is recommended to use quality NiMH rechargeable cells for best performance. Use on alkaline cells is not recommended, since it will result in very limited runtime, and output falling below maximum very quickly.
The T850 consumes ~2.8A when running, and therefore would give ~40 minutes of total runtime off fully charged 2000mAh NiMH cells.

Given the compactness of the unit, it will warm up in use, and is intended for intermittent use in photography, not constant use for video work.

Below are some examples of unretouched photographs taken with the prototype unit.

Eglyws Faen. 15 second exposure. Main illumination by light painting using Pharos spot beam. Distant illumination by P33 and P51 caplamps. Picture by D Wilson.

Ogof Dydd Byraf. Picture by P Callister.

Ogof Dydd Byraf. Picture by D Hounslow.

Ogof Hesp Alyn. Picture by D Hounslow.